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I have been in publishing for over 25 years with my first magazines PhotoSource and award winning Canadian Photographer, launched in the 80’s at Photokina in Cologne, Germany. These magazines were one of the first to be done entirely on the computer platform using a program called Pagemaker and using Linotype to output film.

I later started producing software for the newspaper industry to bring print editions to digital online versions with many newspapers using my software throughout North America.

I have been a motorcycle enthusiast since I was 16 years old and continue to be that same guy drag racing, motocross racing, back then and still some racing today. Hence, my businesses continue to evolve around what I have been doing for the past many years and my hobby.

And I love music. What kind you ask? I don’t know but it’s very, very specific. It doesn’t fall under a category, it’s whether it moves me or not. Going to the ultimate step to sight and sound, if there is a hugely artistic video attached to it… I go out and get a tattoo :)

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HardTalk News provides online news coverage for Freedom-X, Etcetera, Web Developer and Satire+ magazines. With over 25 years of experience in each of these fields, it is our goal to provide a deep dive into current issues providing unbiased and technical news stories. Reporting on corruption and adding humor wherever we can.

Over regulation, loss of freedom, we don't know what to believe anymore. Mainstream news has become unreliable, clearly controlled by government and corporate money. Democracy has become vulnerable because of out of control governments hell bent on taking away our freedom. Freedom-X is but one independent voice.  

Articles on life’s many issues on a wide range of subjects. From politics, to living, hobbies, books, videos, stories we cover news we hope you will find interesting.

Web Developer (WebTech)
Reports on digital technologies for business, web development, cloud deployment, cloud offices and helpful tools to grow your business. Businesses of all kinds are in a fight for survival as business models are rapidly changing and new tools are needed to reach and expand new areas of growth.

Serious and funny takes and twists on life, on the green and blue planet.

HardRider Motorcycle
Over 20 years providing motorcycle news to riders and industry alike. Our news mainly follows performance products and services in nitrous, supercharger and turbo kits for motorcycles, auto and ATV, but we also report on many other products & services as well. eStore, Magazine, Newsletter, Tutorials that may be of assistance to any rider.

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